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Behind the Mask Exhibition

behind the mask

In March 2010, as part of our ongoing commitment to help raise awareness of brain tumours, BT Buddies launched a unique exhibition to raise awareness of what brain tumour patients, their families, friends and carers go through following the diagnosis of a brain tumour.

Our 'Behind The Mask' exhibition will be comprised of around 15 decorated radiotherapy face masks. The masks have all been donated either by patients (who are decorating their own) or medical students who have had a mask made as part of their studies.

The masks will literally be just the clear perspex face (see image, left) that is used here in the UK, and, the idea is that people who have in some way been touched by a brain tumour decorate a mask, in anyway they like, but so it shows their thoughts on brain tumours. We will also have a small selection of the mesh masks (see image, right).

For example, we have a 16 year old art student who is decorating a mask as her mother has a grade 3 brain tumour and she wants to help bring attention to the journey her mother and many others have to go through. She will also provide a short piece to be displayed with the mask to help explain the thinking behind her design.

Other masks will be decorated or autographed by some celebrities who, again, have been affected in some way by a brain tumour. We are asking anyone taking part to also write a little about why they decided to take part and how they are connected to the brain tumour 'world'.



2011 Year of Radiotherapy Logo

2011 is officially the Year of Radiotherapy and the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) is taking part in a national campaign to raise awareness of this vital cancer treatment.

“It’s 100 years since Marie Curie won her second Nobel Prize, for ‘the isolation of radium and the study of the nature and compounds of this remarkable element’,” explained SoR professional officer for radiotherapy Charlotte Beardmore.

“Yet, despite all the incredible progress that has been made since this time, public perceptions of radiotherapy are, to a large extent, stuck in the past.”

To address this situation, the Society has joined forces with a number of other organisations, including the Royal College of Radiologists, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Cancer Research UK.

The Year of Radiotherapy was officially launched by the Society’s President, Sandie Mathers, at the annual Radiotherapy Conference in Birmingham on 28 January.

BT Buddies is proud to support this initiative and we will be working with some of the Societies members throughout 2011 to share our Behind the Mask exhibition with as many people as possible throughout the UK.

Below is a list of future dates and venues for our exhibition and we hope this list will grow over the next few months.

If you are interested in featuring our Behind the Mask exhibition at a venue near you please contact Natalya Jagger, Co-director of BT Buddies on 01688 400687, 07890 724204 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




7th - 11th March 2011

Houses of Parliament


Attended by a representative of the Society and College of Radiographers as part of 2011: Year of Radiotherapy

A full write up about the launch of this event can be found here.


1st May 2011

Washington DC

Race for Hope

See you at the Start Line!


18th June 2011

Colney Centre

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospita




21st and 22nd September

The Glasgow Marriott Hotel


Brain Tumour UK Conference



Other locations for 2011 include:




For more information, to suggest a venue, offer to help with the organising of the above exhibitions, or if you would like to decorate a radiotherapy mask please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Michael Johnson - diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme in 2009


Mya - Mya's daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just 3 years old. Now 8 and doing well, Mya's daughter, is decorating her radiotherapy mask and we are expecting a lot of pink!


Martina and John Bewsy - John was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme in 2009 and is currently going through his 6 months of chemotherapy following radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He is doing well and was keen to add his own mask to our exhibition when he finished his radiotherapy. Now both Martina and John have decorated a mask each in their own unique ways!

Sandy Beardsley


Katie - daughter of Tom, a Gliolastoma Multiforme survivor


Deidre Kohler

Deidre Kohler

Type of Brain Tumour: Oligoastrocytoma

Grade of Brain Tumour: 2- 3

Deirdre will be sending her own mask decorated with a very personal touch.

Liberty Rose

Liberty Rose, Destiny Mai and Gemma Finn

Liberty Rose Finn was diagnosed with optic chaism glioma — a tumour which coiled around her optical nerve – when she was just eight months old. She recently hit headlines internationally after it was revealed she had fought off an inoperable brain tumour, and, Liberty has now been hailed an inspiration by thousands of parents of other child cancer victims.

Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker

Type of Brain Tumour: Glioma

Grade of Brain Tumour: Grade 3


Natalya Jagger

Founder and Trustee of BT Buddies

Andrew MMcGill

Andrew McGill

Proud Father of Rose (1984-2006)

Wayne Osmond

Wayne Osmond - Wayne is the second eldest of the Osmond Brothers and has been performing since he was just 6 years old. In 1997, Wayne was diagnosed with a brain tumor which was successfully treated. He continues to tour around the world and we are extremely grateful to him for agreeing to be a part of this project.

Gerry Marsden

Gerry Marsden - Gerry, of Gerry and the Pacemakers, is best known for the hits "Ferry Cross the Mersey" and " You'll Never Walk Alone". Gerry is currently touring the UK but still found the time to help BT Buddies by decorating a mask for this exhibition.

Paul O'Grady

Paul O'Grady

Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC

Everton FC logo

Everton FC

Norwich City FC logo

Norwich FC


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