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A Message from The IBTA

Warmest best wishes and good luck to all those who are participationg in the BT Buddies Day of Events at Watford FC to raise much-needed funds for and awareness of brain tumours.

This is a devastating disease, striking people of any age, from tiny babies to the elderly, male or female, in any geographic locality.  But with your help, the situation for people with brain tumours can be improved through more research for better therapies and more support for those struggling to meet the challenges of this disease.

The walking mileage achieved here at Watford FC will be donated to the 2010 Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours, a project of the International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA - see www.theibta.org) which is aiming to collect the mileage equiavalent to six times around the world at the Equator (nearly a quarter of a million kilometers or 155,000 miles).

Thank you for contributing to this global effort to help all of those whose lives have been touched by this disease.  Each and every step you take is one step closer to a cure for brain tumours.

Kindest regards,

Denis Strangman, Chair and Co-Director (Australia)
Kathy Oliver, Co-Director (United Kingdom)
International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA)