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Steve's (Party) Match Report - by Frances Lynn

I have been given the honour of writing the match report from Steve Brister's party. And it has to be said that Steve throws a great party.

As the crowds gathered in Kings Lynn, it was obvious that Steve's instructions had been followed to the letter as the car park filled with people wearing yellow-shirts, many with a Watford badge on them, others the BT Buddies commemorative shirt. Steve's Dad deviated from the detail of the instructions as he was in blue, but he'd followed the spirit, wearing a shirt from when we were still the Brewers. There were lots of familiar faces as Steve's lovely family were joined by the Norfolk Orns and many more of his football friends including, of course, his dear friends Graham and Rita Taylor.

There was standing room only in the crematorium. The matchday programme we all received on our way in made it clear that the ceremony was very much Steve's brainchild. It was really lovely. Starting with Coldplay's Yellow, which had also accompanied Jackie down the aisle on her wedding day, there were lovely speeches from his brother and a couple of old friends. When his dear friend and fellow Norfolk Orn, Toddy got up to speak he said he was nervous as, with the Guvnor in attendance, he didn't want to suffer the same fate as Nicky Wright had recently at Pride Park. Right on cue, that familiar voice rang out "Oy, Toddy, get off the pitch now, You don't miss goals like that." We had a minute's silence and a minute's applause and then finished with a chorus of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

On the way out, we filed past the floral tributes. They'd asked for only family flowers and they were gorgeous. Lots of yellow and red and a wonderful floral Watford badge that I believe was created by his sister-in-law, a very talented lady.

Then the party moved to a local pub which had been decorated with bunting bearing Steve's smiling face, along with the huge Golden Boy Forever flag. There was more laughter than tears as family and friends told wonderful stories about their Steve. The Norfolk Orns, including GT, gathered for photos and couldn't help themselves breaking out into a few chants. I don't think I've ever seen GT yelling "You Ornnnnsss" before. Great stuff. There was a collection that raised a good sum for BT Buddies and the pub ran out of beer. A fitting send off to a great family man and a Watford legend.

Rest in Peace, Steve


Support Steve Brister - Golden Boy Forever - http://www.justgiving.com/steve-brister/