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About Steve and SBYA

Toddy and Steve in their famous cagoles!

A message from Steve's wife, Jackie:

If you are here, then you probably know all about Steve and are one of his yellow army! But some of you may not know what bought us here....

Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer just over 2 years ago. It is an aggressive little bugger and in March 2009 we discovered it had decided to wander off to his brain. As it was close to the brain stem, they only managed to de-bulk and drain the tumour. He had radiotherapy to the whole brain and long term steroids seem to be keeping the brain in check. Just before christmas it was decided to treat steve with radiotherapy to his prostate as the hormone therapy alone was not controlling it. A few months ago, we were told that the cancer has now popped into the liver and that the next step was chemo. just to reduce pain and not to cure, as Steves cancer has never been curable as it was in the lymph nodes already when discovered. Steve has not been well enough to have chemo. Since then he has been in hospital as he had a couple of bouts of sepsis (blood poisoning) and all sorts of infections. Three weeks ago, we were told that things are going from bad to worse and that Steve only has weeks left to live. This news was devastating.

Steve has now been moved from the hospital into a private care home where he can have his privacy. He has actually been surprisingly well, tho very tired and some days are worse than others.

Steve found Natalya at btbuddies.org.uk quite some time ago now, and was soon part of btbuddies, helping out whenever he could and Natalya would find him *jobs* to do, including something very special which will be announced soon. She has made a huge impact on both our lives. Supporting us thru some shite times.

So, wanting to thank Natalya and btbuddies, I had decided to have some wristbands made..... My idea was to pay for them myself and hand them out at steves funeral to people, whether they wanted one or not! then if people wanted to donate to btbuddies in return, all the money would go to btbuddies. The wristbands arrived and soon one was kidnapped by Steve toddy Todd. He took a photo when he got home and set it as his profile picture which has now been used all over facebook... Thanks Toddy!! It really kicked something off! then the emails and inboxes and facebook messages started flooding in.... people asking where they could be bought from! So, being the cheeky rascals we are, Natalya and I decided to open the just giving page where people could donate a pound or two, in support of Steve and btbuddies, in return for a wristband.

Meanwhile, the watford Faithful were cheering up Steve on facebook by making Tuesday evening *Steve Bristers Yellow Army* night. we had much fun reading all the comments!

As I write this, btbuddies just giving site for Steve http://www.justgiving.com/steve-brister/ has been open for 48 hours.... and you lot have so kindly raised £1,240.00 for btbuddies! We cannot believe peoples kindness. But much more than that, it has cheered us up so much. The support you lot are giving by leaving messages is invaluable and we cannot thank you enough!

Look at the stars.... look how they shine for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And a few words from the man himself about how he stumbled across BT Buddies...

So how did I come across btbuddies? You know what I really don’t know!

I am a great believer in fate and I think Natalya was sent to help us in our time of need. I was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer (pc) which then spread to my brain. I know pc never spreads to the brain but why follow convention?

Within a short space of time I was getting more involved and my wife was taking an interest. Emails and face book messages followed and then I was moderator in the chat room. For some reason Natalya had a couple of projects she wanted me to help with and I was hooked and part of the BT buddies family.

It is a great little charity, join the btbuddies family:


Update 21st September 2010: Tonight Steve's Justgiving page now sits at a whopping £1,940!!!!!! I know that the love and support shown to Steve and Jackie by all who have donated so far has helped them both (and all the family) more than words can say. And here at BT Buddies we have also been very moved by the need for all who know and love Steve, and many who have never met him, to do whatever they can to not just support the family but to support our charity. Thank you, all of you!