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Audio Processing

  • Monday, 05 November 2012 23:23

After all of my GBM treatments, I started to have a hard time understanding what people were saying. I kept leaning towards them saying "what?". I thought my hearing was damaged and bad. I went to a ear doc and had my hearing tested. It is perfect!!! After reading about brain injury and talking with my oncologist and speech therapist, I found out that is is not a "hearing" pro

blem, but how we "process" audio imputs. Because of the brain damage, we have a hard time understanding what is said, often coming across as having a hard time hearing. Completely different. Second, because of our brains have been injured/damaged, our brains are overstimulated easy. So often we say, "it's too loud"!!! It's not that it's too loud, it's just that we are completely overwhelmed with all of the sounds. It's the many different sounds that bothers us, not the "loudness" of it, just all of the stimulation overwhelms us. Hard for us to "describe" what is happening in our brains, so we just shout out "be quiet!". It all comes down to confusion and being overwhelmed. I wish all of the "normal" people could have our "damaged" brains for one day, so they could understand what it's like.