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Chemo – Vacation

  • Saturday, 03 November 2012 21:25

A brain tumor friend of mine is just starting her radiation/Temodar treatment. I gave her the following advice. I figured it should go out to all on chemo!!!

During the time on chemo expect to feel weak, worn down, fatigued and tired. It can hit hard. Unfortunately, along with that can come depression and disappointment that life isn’t what it used to be.

But it does not have to be that way! I was on Temodar chemo two different times, overall more than 3 years. One thing that uplifted me during that time was my outlook. I called it my "Chemo – Vacation” time.

I ended up actually looking forward to my 5 days on Temodar each month. Truly!!! Going in with a positive attitude makes a BIG difference. Really!!! You don't want to go in feeling bad for yourself and upset that life is not normal. Then you will feel worse! So go in telling yourself, "This will be such a nice relaxing Chemo – Vacation."

Don't expect much out of yourself for those days. Just plan in advanced to relax and do things you never gave yourself time to do in the past. Special things! Sleep in and stay in your P.J.s if you want! Reading a good book you never had time to in the past. Work on a fun kids puzzle or a challenging 1,000 one! Pull out your favorite old movies to watch, or a new one just out (especially ones that make you laugh!) Taking daily slow walks and see the beauty around you. Call and talk with a friend you have not said “Hi” to in years. Take a nap in the afternoon, curled up in a soft comforting blanket. Get a big pile of magazines you love to read, but only take the time to on vacations. Have someone spoil you and cook you a wonderful dinner. Work on some art / mechanical / building project you have always wanted to, but never had the time. Relax and drink a cup of tea.

Each time you go on chemo, plan in advance to spoil yourself and do special things that you look forward to! Normally I would feel guilty wasting a whole day sitting on the couch watching all of the Star War movies in a row. But during my chemo week, HEY, I got to spoil myself!!!

Now that I have been off chemo for over 3 years, I kind-of miss it.