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Andrew from BT Buddies writes about our week long 'Behind the Mask' exhibition in Norwich

  • Friday, 02 April 2010 23:50

Andrew McGill and Charles Clarke MP

Charles Clarke MP congratulates BT Buddies on their exhibition


It was just gone 11pm on Sunday when Natalya and I decided we were happy with the way the exhibition looked. Just time for a late supper and some rest before the exhibition opened, we were both quite exited about it all.


Throughout Monday there was a steady flow of people not just taking a quick glance at the radiotherapy Masks and photographs but spending time reading the 'Stories' of the people that decorated their mask and reading the many booklets and leaflets that were on display and available to take. Both Natalya and I were often in conversation with the viewers and I was amazed at just how many people had been 'touched' by a Brain Tumour (either themselves or a friend/family member).


Behind the Mask visitors


Sadly we had been let down with our treadmill on Monday but Les from from Hire Fitness in Cambridge stepped in at short notice and by 6pm on Monday our treadmill was up and running (well walking) and ready for people to assist us in our walk around the coast for Brain Tumours initiative.


Charles Clarke MP holding surgery whilst walking a mile for brain tumoursThroughout the week some great people made multiple trips to walk a mile for us along with many people that made a special trip just to walk on the treadmill - thank-you all. We were also lucky enough to have some local 'names' appear on our Treadmill and view the exhibition, Chloe Smith MP, the Town Crier, the Sheriff of Norwich and Charles Clarke MP all had a go on it and special thanks go to Charles Clarke MP who at one time was holding his surgery whilst walking his mile (and at a healthy pace I might add).


We also managed to secure the help of Neurologist Dr Ajithkumar to help with www.BTBuddies.org.uk and most of his Radiotherapy Team managed to pop down from the Norfolk & Norwich to view it. Natalya also managed to get some donations from local businesses for a raffle for all treadmill walkers and special thanks should go to Nicci from Dunston Hall for the Free dinner for two Voucher and for spending almost 2 hours with us on Monday.


RoseFor the first time in almost 4 years I found myself openly talking to total strangers about Rose. The week proved far more helpful to me personally than I ever imagined and it gave me a warm feeling.


Whilst it was a very long and tiring week it ended all too quickly on Friday evening and as we were packing up it felt good that 30,000+ people had passed the exhibition and many 1,000 had stopped to view the displays and learnt a little about Brain Tumours and in particular the Radiotherapy Mask and what patients, their carers, family and friends go through on a daily basis when living with a brain tumour.


Your BT Buddy,